Snow Removal

Compact Self-Propelled snow-blowers available with complete range of engines and transmissions to meet all working requirements. Fresia Snow-blower have been tested worldwide and are suitable for snow clearing operations on mountain roads, alpine passes, highways and airports.

Main features:

Single or Two-Stage Blower-Head advanced design for high performance clearing in all kind of snow

Four wheel drive and steering Heavy-Duty Axles provide excellent traction and maneuverability

Engines up to 1400 HP

Clearing capacity up to 8,500Tons/h



ARFF Chassis

F800 Chassis are available in 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 configurations and available with various wheelbases and widths thanks to our wide variety of possible axles ranging from narrow 2.5m wide which may also be suitable for Avio-Transportable units up to 3.3m wide which offer the highest high speed stability on the market.

Fresia F800 chassis can be equipped with a wide variety of rear mounted engines (or the possibility to install Twin-Engines) with up to 1,500Hp all coupled to fully automatic transmissions and PTO’s to run high power pumps.

The F800 chassis has a low center of gravity and thanks to it’s light constructions allows for ultra high payloads maintaining low GVW’s for excellent acceleration and handling and is perfectly suitable for the installation of HRET’s.

The F800 chassis is available with Fresia Cab or can be equipped with customer supplied cabin.

Tow Tractors

Tractor with weight from 36,000 up to 52,000kg, four-wheel drive with independent third differential, four-wheel steering and suspensions on both front and rear axles make the SP300 the perfect choice for handling all types of wide-body aircraft with maximum take-off weight up to 450tons.

Industrial, Military and Special Applications

With more than 65 years of experience and advanced technology FRESIA Spa can develop and produce a wide variety of custom vehicles such a Rail-Road Vehicles, specific chassis for customer based requests.

With more than 50 years of experience and advanced technology FRESIA develops and produces a complete range of Runway Snow Sweeper for high performance airport snow clearing operations.

All FRESIA products are built according to meticulous engineering standards with detailed workmanship and outstanding quality at very competitive pricing. Many configurations and options are available for each individual need.

The FRESIA Series F2000 four wheel drive 4x4 are extremely versatile and adaptable vehicles resulting indispensable when a strong and reliable vehicle is required, under all ground and wheather conditions.

Chassis is specially designed for runway use that can adopt a 915 mm diameter broom where in modified trucks this feature is not possible. The position of the broom, placed between two axles, allows to attach all kind of equipment such as a snow plow or an additional front broom. In travelling position the brush is maintaned parallel and within vehicle frame for maximum safety and speed.

Both cab and rear body are tilting for ease of inspection and maintenance.