ZMG Group is a resource for DoD/government and allied partners, primes, OEMs, manufacturers, and vendors when they need help navigating and succeeding in the supply chain of the defense industry.

ZMG Group is a small business with large business capability, capacity, and reach. With over thousands of parts and components delivered, ZMG has a reputation as a proven partner that can support all requirements for aerial vehicles, naval fleets and armoured vehicles. ZMG Group delivers part support for weapon systems, integrated procurement and supply chain management services, as well as logistics management.

ZMG's proprietary supply management and sourcing ERP  suite, allows us to meet the complex logistics and procurement needs of the military markets with uncompromising precision and reliability. ZMG Group is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for quality management system.

We are the exclusive domestic distributor of various OEM partners, as well as other leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturers .

This higher standard of excellence is reflective of ZMG's dedication to quality. ZMG's corporate headquarters and warehouse distribution center are located in Turkey and also in Texas USA for specifically Aerial Vehicle parts. Our Engineering & Manufacturing Center is located in Ankara Industrial Zone for Armoured Vehicle system productions.