With more than 50 years of experience and advanced technology, FRESIA Spa develops and produces a complete range of snow removal equipment, industrial vehicles, defense vehicles to be used in Towns, Highways, Mountains and Airports worldwide.

All FRESIA products are built according to meticolous engineering standards with detailed workmanship and outstanding quality at very competitive pricing. Many configurations and options are available for individual needs of our customers.

FRESIA's production is divided in three plants: Millesimo, Cengio and Niella Tanaro, all of which are equipped with the latest machinery and computer controlled operation centers, able to assure the highest product quality.


In a world where industrial vehicles will have to be not only reliable and powerful, but more and more respectful of the environment, the Company FRESIA with its wide range of competitive vehicles and equipment will be even more present and competitive.

Being aware that, to win the strong competition which will characterize future business, companies' main target must be international markets and the highest product quality, FRESIA has carried on a renewal and reorganisation process envolving all company sectors, which brought us to obtain the ISO 9001 Certification. Big investments have been made to increase FRESIA technical resources, like the enlargement of the production plant in Millesimo and the internal organization revision, aiming at increasing the flexibility in order better to meet with customers' requirements.