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 Aerial Platform Support


ZMG supplies parts and systems for all types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, including: 

  • Aircraft components                                        

  • Accessories and parts

  • Airframes and avionics

  • Engines and engine components

  • Electrical and electronic equipment

  • Components

  • Assemblies and parts

  • Fuel systems and components

  • Instruments

  • Generators, pumps, tubes, valves, and fittings

  • Wheels and brakes

  • Armaments and Ground Support Equipment.

ZMG is a world-class supplier of military and commercial parts to the defense and related industries. We proudly support our military aviation customers by offering quality OEM spare parts.


Tactical/Training Aircraft : F-4 Phantom, F-5 Tiger, F-16 Falcon, T-37 Tweet, T-38 Talon, T-41, SF-260D


Helicopters : AH-1 Cobra Series, UH-1/AB-204/5 Iroquois, UH-1N/AB-212/14 Huey, AS532 Cougar, SH-60/S-70B Seahawk,  UH-60/S-70A Blackhawk,


Logistic/Surveillance/Patrol/Transport Aircraft : C-160 Transall, C-130 B/E Hercules, CN-235, KC-135 Stratotanker, Gulf IV, Citation VII,